We’re keenly focused on establishing a solid foundation with you, to help you build better relationships – with your customers, vendors, employees.

we’re an un-agency

We provide results based on what you need – not what we want. We build teams that provide strategic support for sales, human resources and operations. We excel at managing and developing skilled and effective project and production teams. And we rock creative direction, as well as production management of all communication mediums including events, video, print, eLearning and web apps. All of this, to help you establish better relationships with your audience.

Sales Performance Support
Tactical Marketing
Product Launches

Event / Show Production
Video / Media

eLearning / Curriculum Design
Web / Social
Complex Project Management

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happy customers

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about glenn gautier

I founded 2PLUS Communications because relationships matter.

Sure, getting things done and delivering results are key – but relationships make it all possible. At 2PLUS, we help businesses build deeper relationships with their employees, customers, vendors, etc. Face it: every relationship can be better. 

Together we’ll explore how to attract and focus attention, deliver the right messages, train, support and motivate. When they care, people always want to do well. Caring, well-supported people deliver results. 

Launching a new product? Let’s focus on your customers to create the tools and experiences that get your salespeople closer to YES. Sagging results? Our custom training solutions will remove the roadblocks to results. Organizational change? We’ll deliver the communications to keep your team engaged.

Let’s get started: give us a call to learn how together, we can do more.

together we bridge gaps

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2PLUS Communications, LLC
28 Ruppert School Road
Fleetwood PA 19522
phone 610.899.0264
email glenn@2PLUScommunications.com

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